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Objectives and expected results

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Overall objective

To contribute to the development and reinforcement of the quality of Civil Protection services in the Euro-Mediterranean region and to the continuation of institutional cooperation in the field, both between the EU and the Mediterranean Partner Countries and among the Mediterranean Partner Countries themselves, thereby promoting political and social stability.


To contribute to the development of improved Civil Protection prevention, preparedness and response capacities at international, national and local levels in both institutional and operational terms. This will, in turn, ensure a more efficient protection of people, infrastructures, cultural heritage, and the natural environment in case of major disasters.

 Expected results

  1. Improved in-depth knowledge of the Mediterranean region's exposure to natural and man-made disasters, and of the existing capacities for prevention, preparedness and response;
  2. Improved knowledge and information on existing prevention and preparedness methodologies, tools and practices at regional, national and local levels;
  3. Improved capacities for coordinated, effective and efficient disaster response;
  4. a) Enhanced circulation of Civil Protection information between the Civil Protection Authorities in the Programme’s partner countries, the organisations involved in the PPRD South activities and the Civil Protection Authorities of the EU Member States; 
    b) Improved availability of tools and methodologies to increase the information and awareness of populations on risk exposure, prevention and response.

The PPRD South will pursue its purpose through five broad areas of activities:

  1. Assessment Tools
  2. Prevention and Preparedness
  3. Response
  4. Information and Communication
  5. Overall Programme Management

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