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The Steering Committee is the body in charge of steering and endorsing the PPRD South strategic and planning issues, proposing actions and disseminating the Programme’s activities towards both Civil Protection and non-Civil Protection stakeholders.

The composition of the Steering Committee is intended to bring together the relevant stakeholders and provide for their active participation in the Programme.

Composition and Responsibilities of the Steering Committee

Members of the Steering Committee

Directors General of the Civil Protection Authorities in the 27 Member States

Directors General of the Civil Protection Authorities of the PPRD South Partner Countries

United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction - UNISDR

Relevant EC Directorates General & Services

Observer members of the Steering Committee

Directors General of the Civil Protection Authorities of Lybia and Mauritania

UN bodies other than UNISDR

International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies - IFRC

Member States of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), represented by their Heads of CPAs

EU Council General Secretariat

When possible, non-Civil Protection stakeholders will be invited to participate in selected sessions of the Steering Committee or to subject-based working groups.

The specific responsibilities of the Steering Committee include:

  • Endorsing the PPRD South annual work-plans, as well as issues related to the training and the communications strategies, the awareness campaigns, the study visits, the full-scale exercise, etc.;
  • Proposing specific actions to be implemented in the framework of the PPRD South;
  • Disseminating information in their respective countries on the technical assistance missions, the training workshops and the study visits, the organisation of the full-scale exercise, etc.

Furthermore, the Steering Committee provides a forum for strategic thinking and discussions for the strengthening of the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in the field of prevention, preparedness and response to natural and man-made disasters.

The Steering Committee meetings may be hosted in the Consortium partners’ countries as well as in the PPRD South partner countries. The leader of the PPRD South Consortium acts as the President of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee meetings will be called for by the President and will be organized and prepared in cooperation between the PPRD South team and the National Correspondents Network.


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