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PPRD South Risk Atlas: an on-line tool to reflect natural and man-made risks levels in the Mediterranean

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atlas The PPRD South Risk Atlas displays on a map the level of  hazard, exposure and vulnerability to, and risk of earthquakes, floods, and landslides concerning the Programme Partner Countries.

The Risk Atlas also includes a general map showing where key infrastructures (roads, railways, dams, airports) are located. It also includes a series of synoptic hazard maps (earthquake peak ground acceleration, earthquake events, floods, landslide, drought) for the Mediterranean region produced by the University of Columbia and used  for the elaboration of the PPRD South Risk Maps.


How to use the PPRD South Risk Atlas

To visit the PPRD South Risk Maps select one of the following sets of thematic maps:

A new page will open up with, on the right end side, the map of the Mediterranean and on the left end side the "directory structure" of the countries and the related thematic maps.



Click on the + boxes in the Directory structure to expand the groups of maps.



Check the box near the name of a country and the box near the map title to see the thematic map on the GIS.


The maps used by the PPRD South Risk Atlas were obtained combining the functionalities of Google Maps and the datasets of the UN FAO GeoNetwork Global Administrative Unit Layers (GAUL) which provides the most reliable spatial information on administrative units for all countries in the world.

How the PPRD South Risk Atlas is being developed

The web based Risk Atlas consists of four main components:

  • A web based Geographic Information System (GIS) developed by the Italian Civil Protection Department to properly map exposure, vulnerability and resilience factors at national level. The GIS was adapted to the Mediterranean context and developed in order to calculate and display on a map the level of risk for a specific hazard for the NUTS2 administrative level.
  • A methodology for assessing the level of "qualitative" risk for a specific area which is based on previous experiences of risk assessment in regional contexts, in particular the EU Guidelines for Risk Assessment and Mapping and the UNDP Prevalent Vulnerability Index (PVI) model. The PPRD South risk assessment methodology was designed taking into strong account the current availability of exposure and vulnerability data in open access international databases, such as the UN development indicators system. The methodology combines hazard data with exposure indicators calculated by the programme and with a national vulnerability index calculated by PPRD South aggregating population statistics, socio-economic development indicators and resilience indicators.
  • A collection of disaster, hazard, exposure, vulnerability and resilience data meticulously collected from international open sources or provided by the PPRD South Partner Countries.
  • A network of risk information experts from the PPRD South Partner Countries who will work, in coordination with the PPRD South Executive Director, on the further development of the national risk databases and of the risk assessment and mapping methodologies. Mobilisation and capacity building actions are currently being planned in collaboration with the Partner Countries in view to fully set up this network.

The PPRD South Risk Atlas is being developed through an iterative and participatory process. This first "regionally standardised" version was developed by the PPRD South team with limited involvement of the Partner Countries. The results of this phase are being illustrated and discussed with the network of risk information experts from the PPRD South Partner Countries in view to evaluate their consistency for the various countries and to identify necessary improvements. 

The result of this "presentation and consultation phase" will be a six months  PPRD South Risk Atlas development work-plan from September 2011 to February 2012. Interested Partner Civil Protection Authorities will be assisted in the adoption of the PPRD South Risk Atlas at national level and in its further development.


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